Friday, 22 August 2008

Crime fighters!

Conservative-controlled Dover District Council has had great success in fighting crime in partnership with Kent Police. The Council’s Anti-social Behaviour Unit is working to crackdown on crime. A key priority is to provide more things for our young people to do. More things for younger people to do is a priority to help cut crime.

But they can't do it all on their own. They need the support of Central Government. So David Cameron and the Conservatives have launched a long-term Crime Action Plan. The key measures are:
  • Make families stronger - keeping families together so children have a stable upbringing

  • Support teachers to teach children the need for respect and bringing more good schools into deprived communities - for example, the Astor Federation has turned the failing St Radigunds School into the successful White Cliffs Primary

  • Help young people to come off welfare and into work - Work brings responsibility, dignity, money and respect - making people less likely to commit crime

  • A National Citizens Service - where all 16-year-olds can go on a six-week programme to develop the confidence and skills to contribute to society

  • Tough enforcement and prison sentences for young people caught carrying illegal knives, whilst also working to rehabilitate young offenders.

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