Sunday 18 January 2009

Moving to a new home . . .

It's been great fun writing this blog and messing around with the internet. So much fun that I thought I'd set up a proper website! So this blog - and everything else - is moving to This is the last entry I will make here. Everything here can be found in the "local news" section of There's a lot more there besides.

My email address is now Any emails sent to will still get to me.

I'd really like to know what people think of my new website. Any ideas and feedback on how to improve things will be greatly welcomed.


Tuesday 6 January 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas break, enjoyed a time a cheer, mince pies and (not too!) excessive food and drink. We knew we needed to enjoy it while we could as 2009 will not be the easiest of years.

I spent Christmas with my family. I decorated the tree with my daughter Charlotte. Little Thomas tried and help out, but as he’s only two, he could only do the lower branches! We were really lucky that my mother joined us . . . my wife Natalie and I got a chance to switch off and relax a bit.

We all know that this year is not going to be the greatest. Yet we know we’ll get through it and there will be a better tomorrow. We’ve been here before and we’ve lived to tell the tale. I am passionate about getting the best long term future for our community in Dover & Deal. Getting more high quality businesses to move to our area is really important for jobs and opportunity. Uniting Dover properly with the sea and sorting out the attractiveness of the town and sea front will make a serious difference. Taking the lorries out of Townwall Street will aid the effective regeneration of Dover. Upgrading the A2 and the delivery of a proper hospital are things we’d all dearly love to see. Realising this better future for us all is my greatest ambition.

Saturday 13 December 2008

Too many local shops are closing

I went to Woolworths in Deal today with the kids to do some Christmas shopping. Now while we all love a bargain, spare a thought for the people who work there. While at the checkout, I spoke to the till assistant about what was going to happen. He told me how concerned he was as this is not to time to be looking for work.

Then I went to Martins newsagent to pick up a paper and some coffee. I was expresing concern about Woolworths and they told me they are closing down as well. Right after Christmas. These two excellent shops are closing - right on top of a number of other shops being lost in Deal. The story's the same in Dover as well.

It's really important we do all we can to protect our high streets and the jobs they bring. As we know, many others are facing similar challenges. So I will be speaking to Brian Binley MP for Northampton South who chaired a commission into saving our town centres to seek his advice on how other areas are rising to the challenge to see what we can learn.

Family feast at The Ark

At the Ark Christian Centre in Noahs Ark Road, Tower Hamlets Family Feast provides meals for families to get together, meet, play and eat. Today I joined the Christmas Celebration meal with the family. It was really packed - there must have been about 150 people there.

Family Feast is run entirely by volunteers who passionately believe that the simple act of sitting down to share a healthy low cost meal together can help to strengthen a family. They provide a meal every month to local families and also provide an opportunity for families to play together. It was excellent and I had a good chat with parents and the organisers.

Thomas and I are pictured with James Smith and his son Zachary. James and his wife Emily help organise these fantastic monthly get togethers.

Friday 12 December 2008

Dover Mayor's Annual Ball

A highlight of Dover's social calender is the Dover Annual Ball. This year it was just excellent and everyone had great fun. I even tried waltzing . . . and I admit with mixed results. Memo to self: spend more time watching Strictly!

Now, I know we're all meant to throw rocks at each other and that Dover Town Council is under Labour control and all that - but I have to say Diane Smallwood is a great mayor and wonderful fun! I'm pictured with Buckland Labour councillors Jan Tranter and Mike Smith. Mike and his charming wife Anne (also a Buckland councillor) were super company on our table and we had . . . well . . . a ball.

Very many thanks to the fantastic Doverforum team who have allowed me to use this photo. Their report of the event is much better than mine and worth a read.

Saturday 6 December 2008

Getting into the festive mood . . .

It's that time of year again! This morning I went to a great mulled wine party in Dover. As you can see, we had a real laugh getting into the December party spirit (for me, I must confess, this was initially a bit of struggle, after very hearty Men of Kent dinner in Deal last night!).

A number of people talked to me about their concerns for Dover's economy. Unemployment locally has risen more quickly than in the rest of the country, which is clearly a serious cause for concern. It underlines to me that importance of strengthening our local economy for the long term, with more higher skilled jobs and greater prosperity that will make us all better off.

However, we didn't let these worries hold us back from having a good time . . . December and Chistmas is a time to relax and enjoy life a bit, after all. And goodness knows, we need to in order to prepare ourselves for the harder times ahead.

Friday 5 December 2008

Celebrating our excellent schools

Today I visited Dover's Astor College for the Arts and Walmer Science College with Michael Gove MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Children.
It was a great chance to show off the incredible job Kent County Council and our schools have done in forging such a strong partnership. We saw what a success the Astor Federation is and what a amazing job it does in equipping Dover's children for the future. Michael and I are pictured with above with pupils from Astor - the Federation head Chris Russell is on the right.
We also met Sue Knight Fotheringham, head of White Cliffs Primary. Sue has turned White Cliffs from the worst performing primary school in the country to an OFSTED outstanding rated school. Hats off folks! Just think of the different lives the kids attending White Cliffs will be able to lead with such a culture of success in their school. It's such a fine thing to see and makes us all so proud.
We then went on to Walmer Science College and heard about their plans for the future. Like Astor, they are taking a deep interest in vocational and skills based education. Michael and I are pictured with a group of teachers we saw who were meeting to talk through a skills based teaching programme. We were really impressed.

Thursday 4 December 2008

Speaking at Kent University, Canterbury

This evening I spoke to students at the University of Kent at Canterbury. There was much concern about the economy and how hard it is to get a job in the current market.

The students believe that the Government's economic incompetence has practically bankrupted the country - they are, of course, right about this. The arrest of Damien Green MP was viewed with serious concern. The students told me they did not want to live in a Police state.
It was a really interesting evening and I greatly valued the chance to hear what younger people think about things and the sort of future they want to see built for themselves and our country.

Saturday 29 November 2008

River church bazaar

Today I went to a Church Bazaar in River with local district councillor Sue Nicholas. It was a hoot - as you'll see from the video! We played an odd game that involved dropping a (toy!) mouse down a tube for Sue Nicholas to hit. It didn't go entirely to plan . . .

In the photo, I'm holding an egg slice, which I was really pleased to find - you can never find egg slices these days, can you? I then went on to do a good deal of my Christmas shopping, buying up half the bazaar in the process.

Sue and I also enjoyed lunch there - people kept coming up to ask if I was about to be arrested by the Government for daring to be a Conservative. There seems to be a real sense of anger over the Damian Green business. I think it offends against the British sense of "fair play".

It was a really super day out. Congratulations to everyone who helped make it such a great success - especially Church Warden Hurling and his charming wife Gaynor who Sue and I are pictured with. Gaynor definitely wins the great wig competition.

Friday 28 November 2008

The importance of Border Security

People in Dover tell me time and again about their overriding concern for the safety and security of our borders and the security of our nation. So it is of immense comfort to us all to know that Damian Green MP, possibly about to go on a political show trial, stands with us in wanting to keep our country safe.

Living in the Gateway to England, Dover people know first hand how the Government has totally failed to keep our borders secure. We know all about the disgusting human trafficking that goes on, the bogus asylum seekers and the evil crime syndicates that smuggle people in who have no right to be here. My mailbag is filled with disgust and concern about the situation. We know all too well that the Government does nothing about it and has lost control of our borders.

Many are concerned about the Government's Stalinesque behaviour and the attempt at a coverup. Yet let's not forget what Damian is really in the dock for. Let's not forget his work fighting tirelessly to hold the Government to account for its disgraceful failure to keep our nation and its borders safe. And let's remember why it matters so much to us all:
  • 577,000 people came to Britain in 2007 - and net migration was 237,000
  • The population has risen 1.8 million since 1997 thanks to immigration alone
  • There were 25,800 asylum applications in the 12 months to September 2008, a rise of 15% on the year before
  • To cope with all this, some 65,000 new homes are needed each year, meaning even more concrete and congestion along with increasing pressure on our public services

And while they fail to stop people coming to Britain that have no right to be here, we know that locally they arrest illegal entrants who try to leave the country. At the Dover Removal Centre, they give bail to people who are being held . . . people who then, surprise, surprise, vanish and are never seen again. Meanwhile France has stopped us using anti people smuggling scanners at Calais . . . without a squeak of protest from the Government.

This is why Damian's work has been so important. It's time for a renewed focus on border security, the safety and security of our nation and all the terrible figures the Government is so desperate to hide.