Monday, 26 November 2007

Labour killing our Post Offices

Labour are closing 6 post offices locally. People in Capel have told me how angry they are as their post office was paid for by the village and only opened a few years ago. Mr Patel, who runs an excellent post office and shop in Sholden only did the shop up a couple of years ago. Where's his investment going to be thanks to the Government's crazy closure campaign? Mr Ferrier pictured here is lucky - his post office in the centre of Deal is not one earmarked for closure. Yet he'll probably have big queues come Christmas with two post offices local to Deal looking like they'll be closing. Dover town also loses two post offices.

This is the decision making of the madhouse. I've been getting up a petition to Parliament to try and get the Government to see sense. Considering how they have been making such a mess of everything they do lately, this does seem a bit unlikely. There's always hope . . .

Friday, 23 November 2007

Eastry coffee morning

Going to the Eastry drop in coffee morning was a great chance to chat to residents over a cuppa. Pictured standing beside me is Cllr Nick Kenton.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Paper boat race

On their marks . . . Pictured (L to R): Ken Tranter, Cllr Jan Tranter (Lab), me, Barry Williams and Cllr Nigel Collor

Go! Pictured (L to R): Stewart Dimmock (in naval uniform), Barry Williams, Cllr Jan Tranter, me, Cllr Nigel Collor and Ken Tranter
Stewart Dimmock, who is a school governor and father of two, recently won a High Court fight about the distribution of Al Gore's film to schools. The ruling was seen as a major reverse for Al Gore and the Government.

Phil Reilly's leaving drinks

When well known and respected Dover journalist Phil Reilly moved from the Dover Express to the Kent on Sunday in the Summer of 2007, a good send off was had. Pictured here (L to R) is Vic Matcham, Phil, Cllr Paul Watkins (Leader of DDC) and Cllr Nigel Collor.

Vic ran as an independent candidate at the last general election - he's now joined the Conservative Party. Welcome abaord!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Community safety day and Pencester Park

With PCSO Phillips, Cllr Jan Tranter (Lab) and Cllr Nigel Collor (Con) and many others, I supported the community safety day at Pencester Park. This was back in the Summer of 07, when the evenings were still light.It was a fun time. People told me about being woken up in the middle of the night, intimidation, getting beaten up and house breaking. More community respect and Police powers will do much for safety and security in Dover. Seems clear to me that we should support the Police with zero tolerance policing powers and get more police on our streets.

Fun in Aylesham

Back in the Summer of 2007 the Aylsham by election meant some campaigning. Along the way we stopped off at Father Jeff's Church Fair and were treated to strawberry tea! Sadly I didn't win a coconut this time . . . memo to self: "must try harder!"

After a long day of campaigning, the team enjoyed the hospitality of the Snowdown Colliery Welfare Club.

Feted to have fun in Alkham

A beautiful summers day at the Alkham Valley Fete back in the Summer where I enjoyed a fine day out with local River Ward Conservative Councillor and leading light Sue Nicholas. And . . . I won a coconut!!

On patrol 2

Going on the patrol was a real experience. Later on I saw Dover at its most enthusiastic, yet alcohol makes some violent and there were arrests . . . I was amazed at how patient the Police are.

Sgt Parkes is on the left. Gemma here was out on the town for the first time in a year having had her baby ten weeks before (congratulations!). She was understandably in a very good mood.

On patrol 1

I went round with the Police for a full shift in November 2007 - 7pm Sat to 3am Sun. Earlier on I went round with PCs Lidgely (L) and Hawkes (R), seen here.

We met swarms of bored young people in River. They told me they wanted more activities in Dover for younger people. The Council is working to get more for younger people to do.

Dover Labour Mayor joins Conservatives

Following the publication of his "Breakdown Britain" report in the Summer of 2007, Iain Duncan Smith (right) visited Dover. Iain met with residents of Buckland and St Radigunds, touring the Triangle Centre in St Radigunds and meeting with representatives of Buckland Together.
Mr Duncan Smith also met with Ken Tranter (left), former Labour Mayor of Dover, and welcomed him to the Conservative Party. Also pictured is Susan Wilson who runs the Triangle Centre.
The DoverForum reported - "Former and recent Labour Mayor, Ken Tranter, caused something of a local furore last week when he turned his back on all things socialist and joined the Conservative Party. This was quite a shock in some quarters, and has caused consternation of earth shattering shockwave proportions amongst the local political elite."

Join the referendum petition

If you agree we should have a referendum, do print this out and send it to me.

Yes referendum!

We should have a referendum on the EU Constition / Treaty. The EU costs loads, there's a real issue on whether we get value for money and EU rules make up 6 out of 10 of our laws. The Constitution / Treaty takes things to a new level of integration.

I thought this is something we should all have a say about. So we got a licence from the Bank of England to print money in September 2007 and put out this leaflet seeking a petition for a referendum on the EU constitution / Treaty across Dover & Deal to see what people thought.

I have never had such a response to a leaflet. Over a thousand people joined the petition.

The leaflet was printed at Buckland Press in Dover and pictured here is Roger Gale MP and Kevin Snoad, MD of Buckland Press.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Remembrance Sunday

As I laid a wreath of remembrance, I reflected how the World Wars of the last century seem so far away now. Yet still we will remember what our fathers and grandfathers did for us. Their fight then gained our freedom today.

And we will never forget the destruction visited on Dover by shell fire from occupied France. We still live with the results. Dover should have been awarded the George Cross.