Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Dover has some world class businesses

I went to see Dover’s Model Production company and London Fancy Box to see for myself what Dover's businesses do. The excellence we have locally and the great skills of our workforce are sometimes overlooked and it was great to see. We have some World class businesses locally and it makes me really proud.

The Model Production company makes complex plastic components for pumps, light fittings as well as many other applications. The things they do really are World Class. It’s really great to have a businesses of this quality in Dover. We need more high technology business like this that create value add jobs to really realise our potential and dreams as a community and a nation. Congratulations to the whole team at Model Production for building up such an exciting business.

In the photo, me with Kieran Jaynes of Model Production.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Dover Air Training Corps looking to grow

Following its great success at the Dover carnival, 354 (Dover) Squadron of the Air Training Corps, motto "Venture Adventure" is looking to gain more recruits. So roll up, roll up!

The squadron formed part of a 50 piece band from across Kent which lead the recent Dover carnival. I went to visit the cadets with District Council cabinet member Cllr Nigel Collor. We went to see the officers and cadets to congratulate the squadron on its success and to hear about the squadron's plans for growth.

Turns out that the lads and lasses don't just play instruments - although they do that very well - they can also learn to fly and get a strong boost to their school eduction, leading to qualifications. It's clear to me that the ATC is really important to our community. The cadets learn the importance of teamwork and respect - things too often missing in our neighbourhoods. The cadets have great fun there and they are keen as mustard.

There are 23 cadets in total, who gain valuable education qualifications as well as having a lot of fun and learning to fly. I really hope more people will sign up and enjoy a broader horizon. They are lead by Flt Lt Nigel Harman, who's a great leader and a real inspiration. Great stuff!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Connaught Park anniversary - a great success

The celebration of Connaught Park's 125th anniversary was a fantastic success and a great day out.

My whole family had great fun. Star, our dog, tried to do a runner . . . but we just about kept her in check! Congratulations to Cllr Sue Nicholas and everyone else involved for putting on a wonderful day. In the photo - me with Cllr Nigel Collor.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Eastry fete - a great day out!

Eastry's village fete was a fantastic success and a great day out.

My whole family had great fun. I even managed to win a coconut! So a big congratulations to those organising the fete for putting on a wonderful day and thanks to George Mattheson for so generously hosting it at the Aumbury.

In the photo . . . me with Mrs Bradley and Eastry Cllr Nick Kenton. Mrs Bradley is the mother of an Iraq war hero.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

New play area in Pencester

I went to see the new play area at Pencester today. It's really great! Conservative led Dover District Council have done a smashing job and it was full of kids - including my daughter Charlotte, pictured.

I had a real struggle getting her out when we had to leave . . . !!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Shadow Health Secretary meets health campaigners & GPs

Shadow Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley MP, came to Dover to meet our health campaigners and local GPs. He listened carefully to what everyone had to say.

The GPs explained they'd like to commission local beds and doctor led emergency services in Dover. Andrew Lansley said that he would support them in the event a Conservative Government is elected.

For me, this is a defining moment. Dover deserves its fair share, has a right to expect fair treatment and should have a hospital. Without the ear of Government little will be done - and let's face it, we haven't exactly had the ear of Government Ministers when it comes to getting things done locally in the last ten years have we? What Andrew's visit says to me, is that Dover will get the ear of a Conservative Government and there is hope that things can change.

Friday, 4 July 2008

MPs who fiddle expenses should be expelled

The way Parliamentary expenses have been abused is a spectacle I find truly disgusting. So let me make my position on MPs' expenses very clear:


The reason I raise this now is that MPs have just voted to keep the "John Lewis List". One of the MPs that voted for it was Dover & Deal Labour MP Gwynfor Prosser. And let me be really clear on my reaction. I condemn him for it totally, utterly and unreservedly. I'm not usually one to go swivel eyed about things - but this issue is an exception.

MPs - and Mr Prosser - had a real chance to restore trust in public life. Instead they stuck their snouts deeper in the trough. Shame on every MP that voted for it. It's a disgusting spectacle. Families are under real financial pressure. MPs should be thinking about how they can put more money in the pockets of the people, not line their own pockets.

More jobs and money for hard working families are my priorities - this is why I am involved in public life. For me, to serve is an honour and a vocation, not a living and a trough. Simple as that.