Monday, 28 April 2008

Gordon Brown's 10p tax con

Last week the Government made a "U Turn" on the abolition of the 10p tax band. Except . . . it's all a massive con!

The rebels (who include Dover's MP Gwynfor Prosser) have been duped by Gordon Brown and the Government. In the Dover constituency the estimated 5,000 losers are reduced to 3,000 losers only. It's a disgrace that 3,000 of our poorest neighbours will still lose out. Especially when real local earnings have been falling and the cost of living rising.

Who would have thought that a Labour Government would cut taxes for the rich and raise taxes for the poorest?

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Carnival Selection Day

Today I attended the carnival selection. This is, clearly, a risky thing for anyone, anywhere near politics to go!! However, it was great fun and I had the wonderful Mandie Sehmbi to look after me, as you can see.
A particular congratulations to Marek whose lovely daughter (left photo) was chosen as a carnival rose.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Meeting the A258 Action Group

The A258 road from Dover to Deal is a disgrace. For years it has been a serious danger and nothing has been done about it. Lots of warm words, no action. So I arranged for the families who have lost loved ones on this dangerous road to meet Theresa Villiers MP, Shadow Transport Secretary.

It was a really good meeting. I learned a lot. The families were so passionate and sincere. They fight, not for themselves, but so that other families do not suffer the loss they have suffered. That's real compassion. I was greatly moved and will do all I can to help.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Elvington surgery

Residents of Elvington and Eythorne have been concerned about their GP services for some time. Today the primary care trust held a public meeting to discuss what should be done.

The views of residents were represented with great strength by District Cllrs Jennifer Record (pictured right) and David Lloyd Jones along with Parish cllr Reg Hansell (middle). Hopefully we shall see some action and I will keep monitoring the situation.

Monday, 21 April 2008

6,722 Dover & Deal households risk repossession say experts

So says Experian, the credit rating experts. 6,722 households in Dover & Deal have poor credit ratings and are "at risk" of falling behind on mortage payments or repossession.

The evidence shows that as the credit crunch bites, mortgage rates are rising sharply, mortgages are harder to find and property prices across the UK are falling at their sharpest rate for 30 years.

The Government needs to act quickly before it is too late. They need to help get people access to mortgages and better rates. Otherwise we will see what is currently worry turn into a real house price slide. One person I spoke to in Deal last week told me they had a mortage offer at a nearly 10% interest rate. I nearly fell off my chair.

The financial system is complicated - but the Government should follow the advice of Shadow Chancellor George Osborne and allow banks to sell mortages to the Bank of England in return for Government bonds. That would enable banks quickly to get hold of more cash and start lending again - at better rates. The Government also needs to do more to help the least well off. Now is the time to save the 10p rate of tax, not raise taxes on the least well off as planned.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Labour increase taxes on the poorest

Figures show that millions of the UK's poorest people will pay more in tax as a result of the scrapping of the 10p rate band. The Government has confirmed that 5.3 million will lose out under the changes - over 5,000 of whom live in Dover & Deal.

I was delighted to see that Dover's Labour MP signed a Parliamentary Motion opposing the changes. Yet to make a real difference he will need to vote against the tax change itself. It will come to Parliament for a vote shortly.

The poorest in our communities are already hard pressed by rising prices and the credit crunch. There just isn't the room to pay even more tax. I urge Mr Prosser follow his instincts and stand up for hard working people in Dover & Deal when it counts by voting against this unfair and unjust measure.