Friday, 31 October 2008

Mandie's brilliant result in St Radigunds

Many congratulations to Conservative candidate Mandie Sehmbi who came within 25 votes of capturing the St Radigunds ward council seat in a by election.

Labour just clung on to the seat in an area traditionally solid for them. Mandie was, until recently, the organiser of Dover's Carnival.
Full credit to the Lib Dems who, though they may struggle to find anyone prepared to stand as their Parliamentary candidate, did work very hard to gain a greater share of the vote. It was understandable that they should feel a little bitter at getting just 12% of the vote after giving it such a good go.
The full results were:

Viv Revell (Labour) 244

Mandie Sehmbi (Conservative) 219

Lib Dems 93

Dover Alliance 86

Independent 72

Independent 32

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