Monday, 28 January 2008

Jamie Oliver eat your heart out!

School food in Deal and Sandwich is prepared with the finest ingredients from local suppliers and cooked in a traditional way by local social action company Whole School Meals.

I visited St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Walmer and Castle Community College in Deal and was very impressed. I heard from school heads what an amazing difference healthy food made to the students' success. The school dinners were amazing. Whole School Meals want to see a wider take up of their brainfood by children - especially those who qualify for free school meals.

Seems to me that schools in Deal are living the Jamie Oliver dream - the kids are so lucky. A big congratulations to Whole School Meals. Yet strangely, quite a lot of children are bringing packed lunches to school - especially those qualifying for free school meals. I tried to get the East Kent Mercury to give more exposure to the benefits for kids on free school meals, but they didn't want to join in. I think that's a real shame.

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