Friday, 15 February 2008

No Port privatisation !!

I am against privatising the port of Dover. This question was asked by the Dover Express last week and deserves a clear answer. So I hope that's clear!

What's more, I have persuaded the Conservative Parliamentary party to change its official position. So I can also give an assurance that a Conservative Government will not privatise the port of Dover. There will be no port privatisation on my watch.
A "U turn"? Absolutely. A humiliation? More like an unashamed ability to listen to what people say. Something I would recommend to the current Government who have welshed on their manifesto commitment to a referendum on Europe, whose economic incompetence is seriously threatening our personal finances and who work day and night to close our hospital for a little "polyclinic" in the face of passionate opposition.
People tell me not enough has been done for Dover by the current Government and that politicians don't listen enough. That we don't get our fair share. I want to change that. Change to get a richer, safer Dover with better healthcare. Change to representatives that listen more. So please do get in touch with me on 01304 379669 or
I'd like to hear what you want to see for you, your children and the future. I am here to listen, to help and above all to serve.

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