Friday, 11 April 2008

Labour increase taxes on the poorest

Figures show that millions of the UK's poorest people will pay more in tax as a result of the scrapping of the 10p rate band. The Government has confirmed that 5.3 million will lose out under the changes - over 5,000 of whom live in Dover & Deal.

I was delighted to see that Dover's Labour MP signed a Parliamentary Motion opposing the changes. Yet to make a real difference he will need to vote against the tax change itself. It will come to Parliament for a vote shortly.

The poorest in our communities are already hard pressed by rising prices and the credit crunch. There just isn't the room to pay even more tax. I urge Mr Prosser follow his instincts and stand up for hard working people in Dover & Deal when it counts by voting against this unfair and unjust measure.

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