Friday, 4 July 2008

MPs who fiddle expenses should be expelled

The way Parliamentary expenses have been abused is a spectacle I find truly disgusting. So let me make my position on MPs' expenses very clear:


The reason I raise this now is that MPs have just voted to keep the "John Lewis List". One of the MPs that voted for it was Dover & Deal Labour MP Gwynfor Prosser. And let me be really clear on my reaction. I condemn him for it totally, utterly and unreservedly. I'm not usually one to go swivel eyed about things - but this issue is an exception.

MPs - and Mr Prosser - had a real chance to restore trust in public life. Instead they stuck their snouts deeper in the trough. Shame on every MP that voted for it. It's a disgusting spectacle. Families are under real financial pressure. MPs should be thinking about how they can put more money in the pockets of the people, not line their own pockets.

More jobs and money for hard working families are my priorities - this is why I am involved in public life. For me, to serve is an honour and a vocation, not a living and a trough. Simple as that.

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