Saturday, 8 December 2007

Carols at the Dover Removal Centre

I attended the most moving carol service at the Dover Removal Centre. There I met with many of detainees and listened to their stories of how they ended up in the removal centre.

Some people think that border security is simply about chucking people out of the country. They say it doesn't happen often enough and the Government has been weak on the issue. Yes, Britain is pretty much full and yes the Government has made a real mess of things, allowing our borders to be highly porous and not getting a grip on bogus asylum seekers.

Yet that does not mean we should lack compassion. We should always be willing to hold out a hand to those in real need of asylum. And when we have allowed people to come to Britain, when they have put down roots and built a family, I cannot find it in my heart to say they should be thrown out and the family split up. So I have taken up cases such as these and done my best to help.

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