Friday, 14 December 2007

Building a better Dover

In December 2007, local Conservatives helped organise a transport day which was attended by Shadow Shipping Minister Julian Brazier MP, Shadow Roads Minister Robert Goodwill MP, Cllr Nigel Collar and myself. Under discussion was a long term solution for operation stack with a lorry parkand a plan to free up the centre of Dover from lorries.

We put forward the idea of lorry parks to stop the Stack. We have also put forward the proposal for fully duelling the A2. This should, of course, been done 10 years ago. It was axed from the roads programme by John Prescott and is an example of the way we have been disgracefully neglected.

We also put forward the proposal that the A2 should be the route to the Eastern docks and the M20 to the Western docks once built. This would free up the centre of Dover and help the regneration plans to be a success. That KCC have taken these matters up and that Shadow Ministers visit is evidence that a Conservative Government would end the years of underinvestment in our community. That's why we need change.

Photo (L to R) C Cllr Keith Ferrin (Tranport Cabinet Member KCC) Cllr NigelCollar (Transport Cabinet Member DDC), Robert Goodwill MP, Julian Brazier MP and Charlie Elphicke

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